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indigo zoom button.png Trade Show
Central Saint Martins Degree Show (2016)
This installation accompanies my film Indigo Zoom: The Awakening, which will be released online and be shown at select screenings. This is a visual and material extension of the concept of the film.
In a parallel world with no safe air left to breathe, where the government and the corporations are suffocating the people with their power, and only the elite have the money to ‘breathe in style’.
The hydrogen hackers are the underground anarchists, the runaways, the nomads and the un-programable.
Indigo Zoom is on a quest to find the source of clean air, to breathe free, on their journey they encounter other creatures who share their hate towards the evil government and money stealing corporation–

Materials : Tree branches, concrete, digital prints on paper, gaffa tape, nails, polystyrene, plastic bags, steel bar, welded words, LED lights, wax, latex, ipad, green screen chroma key, macbook, LCD TV, resin, nail varnish, laser cut perspex, back projected hologram.

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