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Whychcraft? is the result of a 4 week residency at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

YSP awarded Ayesha the residency after visiting the CSM degree show in 2016. 

An initial 2 week research stay took place in September 2016, and the final two weeks took place in March 2017, followed by an open studio at the Boat House and an Equinox staff making & foraging workshop. 

Whychcraft? explores the journey of a cyber druid of the future following the ley lines of their ancestors to seek out why they treated their earth so thoughtlessly. They sing painful apologies to mother through a poetic film,  and erects sacred sculptural sites using mined trash, creating monoliths from scrap metal and fallen trees.

oil drum
by Yasmin Akim
by Yasmin Akim
by Yasmin Akim
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